Location: Airport Klatovy CZ (LKKT)  is located in Czech Republic, 40 km south of Plzen. 
GPS: N 49°24’,8 
E 013°19,1

Airplanes: We have a fleet of fixed wing airplanes, helicopters and hot air balloons available for your use

Accomodation: On the airfield accomodation for 60 persons is available, hotels in town are 5 minutes driving time away.

Facilities: Since decades we visited dropzones and schools around the world, the efficient mix of the best was built in Klatovy's ATTC.

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Contact and Informations 
Thomas Lewetz 

+43.664.338 6666

Aviation & Tactical Training Center 

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  • Airplane rental

  • Air transportation (EU-OPS AOC)

  • Facilities rental

  • Freefall Video documentation

  • AFF Instructors

  • Full AFF training courses

  • USPA AFF Instructor course

  • High altitude courses & training

  • Emergency recovery training

  • Freefly & RW courses

  • Canopy flying seminars

  • High mountain training

  • Pinch hitter courses (basic flying training)



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Aviation & Tactical Training Center
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